• Diabetic Foot – a chance to avoid damage

    Diabetic Foot – a chance to avoid damage

    The Diabetes mellitus is now-a-days a quite common disease; around 30% of the people here are affected.

    Modern treatments of Diabetologists improve the life standard of the Patients, but cannot completely avoid complications. Beside arterial circulative disorders, that is similar to arteriosclerotic disorders and affecting the bigger arteries, two special changes are detectable in diabetic Patients.


    First is the deterioration of the microcirculation in the Skin. That leads to a weaker supply with nutrition’s and reduces the continuous repair mechanism.

    Second is the affection of the nerves by the disease, which is called Neuropathy and occurs as a reduction and loss of feeling, of sensitivity.

    By the loss of sensitivity small injuries on the feet and pressure ulcers are not felt, measures of protection are missed and the destruction continues and the infection starts. The above described bad microcirculation reduces the repair and healing mechanisms. If not early detected and treated, a damage of deep structures like tendons, muscles and bones is following.

    As recognizable, the treatment has to assure and improve the repair of the wounds. A very precise and regular cleaning of the wound and removal of dead tissue is basically, but not enough.

    close up of patient and doctor taking notes

    The application of Laser-light in special Frequencies and low Energy is improving the microcirculation by delivering energy for improvement of the cell balance and tissue quality. In consequence the self repair is activated and the wound heals.

    For the treatment multiple sessions are needed and the Soft-Laser is adjusted to the Patient special needs in length and frequency of treatment.

    Dr. Diethart Bayer

    Dr. Diethart Bayer

    General Surgery SPecialist
    Head of Proctology Center

    German Medical Center

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