The name ‘AVIVO‘ is derived from latin word 'avivar' meaning – to brighten and enliven.

AVIVO Group is a brand of premium, quality-driven medical practices offering a wide variety of specialized healthcare services.

Our vision at AVIVO is to become one of the most trusted and leading healthcare provider in MENA & Asia region, by delivering the highest quality healthcare services through Hospitals, Medical Centers, Specialty Centers, Diagnostic Centers &  Pharmacies. 

Over the past few years, AVIVO Group has been focusing on building a strong healthcare platform offering quality healthcare services by implementing accredited healthcare practices across its centres. As a result of these efforts, the group today is in a unique position to exponentially increase its healthcare cover. 

During a short span of four years, the AVIVO Group has grown to be one of the most  trusted and leading healthcare service provider in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Kuwait. Avivo Group currently owns and operates 32 healthcare facilities which include 2 highly reputed Hospitals, 14 Specialty Centres, 8 High-end Dental Centres attached with most advanced Dental Lab , 6 Pharmacies & 2 State-of-the-art Diagnostic Facilities. 

The group is based on the strong foundation of over 200 plus qualified Doctors, each being an expert in their respective fields; 1000 plus compassionate employees serving over 1.3 million patients a year.  

Every team member at AVIVO strives to provide every patient with consistent high standards of premium and affordable care. We promote personal wellness and are passionate in the belief that the health of the community and the health of the individual are inter-related. In addition, our clinical staff constantly monitors health care trends and uses that information to develop new programs and services. AVIVO Group is committed to continuous quality improvement while providing the safest environment for the patients. 

Growth through acquisitions is an important element of our Corporate strategy. We constantly strive for good opportunities across MENA / GCC and South-East Asia.

Our future plans are to expand to other parts of GCC with more Specialized centers, which are in demand in the region. These expansions include Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and UAE. Apart from expansions within GCC, AVIVO also plans to expand to South East Asian countries; these include, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines.

In essence AVIVO represents a healthy lifestyle filled with energy and vitality.

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